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Save money and keep your tooling operating at peak efficiency with our re-sharpening service.

Formtool Precision Engineering uses either high speed tooling or high quality carbide sourced from Italy. We offer the following tooling services:

CNC Tooling

Production machining is all about balancing speed, tolerances, surface finish and tool life. While standard tooling is the first choice for short production runs, custom made tooling can improve productivity enormously for medium to high volume work.

Lathe Tooling

With Formtool custom ground lathe tooling you can radius, groove or profile a product in one pass. Made from high quality Italian tungsten carbide, we precision grind the profile with correct cutting angles to suit the material you are machining. Most tips can be returned to us for re-grinding. Tips can be either mounted in a suitable standard tool holder or we can machine a custom made holder for maximum rigidity. Call us today to discuss your requirements.

Mill / Machining Centre Tooling

For some jobs, even the huge variety of tooling options offered by tool stockists may not offer the solution you are looking for. That is where we can help. Formtool custom ground cutters can give you steps, angles and other profiles to improve your productivity and keep your competition at bay. We use high quality tungsten carbide that will handle the stresses of high speed machining. Matching the cutting angles to suit the material will maximise tool life. Our tools will fit in standard holders or we can make extra rigid tool holders to suit your application. Send us your specifications for a free quotation.

Carbide Drill Re-sharpening

Why throw away valuable tungsten carbide drills when we can re-sharpen them as good as new. We can turn broken drills into spotting drills or change tip angles to suit your needs.

Hydraulic Port Drills

Drill, chamfer and seat hydraulic ports in one operation with Formtool hydraulic port drills. Made from either tungsten carbide or high speed steel, we custom make to suit your exact specifications.

Step Drills

For problem-free drilling of large holes in thin materials or for stepped holes, choose Formtool step drills. Made from either high speed steel or tungsten carbide, we offer stock or custom made sizes up to 52mm diameter.